Wednesday, October 18, 2006

NPR v Prairie Progressive

Were you listening? Did you hear him? The Progressive on the Prairie went national between 8:30 and 9 this morning on...

NPR Morning Edition's story about South Dakota Amendment E.

Which, by the way, he'd like to remind you, vote NO on E.

Way to go Tim!


Anonymous said...

NPR is the new FOX.
For a real news tip; examine how the "interivew" was done.

NPR didn't speak to Bill Stegmeier. They edited splices from a previous radio show in a fashion they liked...then "interviewed" a moron and a bore.

Details at

Anonymous said...

I heard the broadcast banner, but I missed the actual broadcast. So, to be learned and informed, I looked it up:

mytzpyk said...

Bonnie Russell! THE Bonnie Russell I presume! Such high falutin attention I get.

Come back again when you can stay awhile Bonnie. I know you're busy working, especially after NPR Morning Edition (the most listened to morning news show in the country, or so they say) did naughty things to your amendment...and your man Bill too if I'm reading you correctly.

I don't know which one is the moron and which one is the bore, but Tim's my friend so you'll need to take the name calling elsewhere.


Thanks for the link BigH. Let me tweak that a little bit. Yeah, that will do.

Evan said...

Holy Cow! Colusion and Conspiracy? I find it hard to believe that this issue has legs. I mean, of all branches of our government the Judicial works the best, by far.

I wish I lived in SoDak do I could strongly vote against this.

Tim said...

I am either too bored and/or too moronic to figure out if I moved up in the world today. In the updated version of her diatribe I am "a nasally lawyer."

Oooh. It hurts to be the target of such insightful and intellectual political discourse. Sorry it had to pollute your otherwise environmentally friendly confines.

mytzpyk said...

So here we have the Amendment E publicist calling my friend either a moron or a bore.

Then along comes the primary sponsor of the amendment calling the publicist a bitch.

A year and a half of this blog and nobody's ever called anyone a name. I celebrate my friends appearance on NPR and here we are.

The beauty of Amendment E.