Thursday, July 26, 2007

Preach It Brother

“The question isn't just about what they do with the brick; it's what the brick does to them.”

Lots of people are talking about how hot it’s been. Summer does that to a person doesn’t it? Yeah, it’s probably just a summer thing. I’ve been remembering how much I enjoy riding in the wintertime.

Yesterday I noticed my electricity bill was less again this month than last year with the same average temperature. I like that in an electricity bill.

I ran 90-degree bike errands after work. I hooked up with the FAB check cosigner. I hooked up with Snakebite to give him the checks so he could purchase prizes for this weekend’s poker run. Then went to check out the freshly posted alternate bike trail route signs the city has placed. I took a call from The Owner, noticed a man urinating in pubic, and yep the signs exist. Bring a digital camera so you have something to refer to as you travel the alternate route. So far the city isn’t really into making them completely useful.

My ride listening for the trip was Rob Bell’s Sunday morning message, the fourth installment of his churches God Is Green series. As I’m being amazed at the heavy MinusCar content I’m thinking about how I should blog it. I'm a little uneasy about blogging Rob Bell because lots of people are convinced that listening to him is akin to taking a few steps down the road to hell.

I decided if, when I got home, there was postal mail from Ray the Lunatic Biker, I would blog Rob Bell. If I’m following the road to hell I want to be in good company.

Thanks for the stickers Ray! (the other one is over there) -->


Rob Bell

The mp3 I listened to is here, or check their site for the official source. If you listen, get bonus points by correctly identifying the Nine Inch Nails and Marilyn Manson song lyrics he works into the first 15 minutes.

Here are two quotes that I particularly liked:

“I decided to make a vow that I would ask myself, every time that I was about to drive somewhere, is it possible to walk this, and if it's not possible to walk to this thing, is it possible to ride my bike to this thing. So I've been practicing this for a while now and it's absolutely revolutionized my life...It's hard to consider the lilies at 70mph.”
“Many people go out to a garage, get into a car, windows up, air conditioning on, garage door up, drive to parking garage, get out into building, windows sealed, air conditioning, back out, into car, air conditioned, windows up, drive back to home, door up, in, door down, into air conditioned home and then say things like, ah, God just seems far away.”
Thanks Rob.


Lunatic Biker said...

The small gas sticker one is really from Jim at Hiawatha Cyclery. It really applies to you.

mytzpyk said...

Ha! I really am in good company.