Monday, October 22, 2007

Report: October 15-21

If you’re not riding now, you’re never going to be riding when it actually gets cold. It’s most helpful to me to track windchill, clothing, and perceived comfort. I know from year to year what to wear at most any temperature giving me NO temperature related EXCUSES for not riding.

Rain! Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. Rain! I didn’t get to ride my bike much because it was too wet for me. I became practiced at getting ready for work early enough to catch a ride downtown with The Wife. From there I took the bus toward work. Ironically, Friday it stopped raining but I wasted my extra morning minutes until I had to drive or be unreasonably late.

I got stranded at a bus transfer station Monday. Bus A was so late I was unable to catch bus B. I had to call The Wife out of work to go pick up The Boys. Not good! I caught a more frequent bus to downtown and brought them home. As the week progressed they appeared to continue to struggle with that route.

Trips -

MinusCar: 10

Multi-occupant Auto: 13

Single occupant Auto: 4

Destinations: 43

My notes say I was a single occupant once because of the transit fiasco. The second time to return The Car home after having the radiator replaced (driving the car for the sake of the car). Once to pick up The Boy 9 and two friends at the school skate party (we car pooled but I could have made it better by just going to the party), and finally Friday’s previously mentioned laziness.

My Car Miles: 16

My Bike Miles: 44

For all the rain I’m pretty happy with 16 miles on my car. I’ve had bigger weeks with much nicer weather.

Most of the bike miles came from the Friday FAB Starlight ride. I hooked up with a nice group of 12 for a nighttime lap around the local multi-trail.


Smudgemo said...

Why too wet to bike? Dangerous, or other reasons?

Normally, I don't like to venture off in heavy rain, but if I'm prepared for it and get caught in it, then I actually kind of like it.

Jeff Moser said...

You're right about your opening statement. The people that have been saying it was too hot to ride in the summer, are now saying it's too cold. Bike shops are talking about the "end of the season". Like you say, it's good to just keep riding and gradually build into winter!

Thanks for your Smart Wool post from last year. I wear Smart Wool socks almost exclusively now (summer and winter), and this year I want to try out the pants!

Stonehead said...

Have you tried riding in gale-driven sleet? Ouch, brr and ugh, all at the same time.

One thing I have to watch for in winter is a frost-bitten nose and throat from breathing in air at -15C while doing 20-30mph downhill. An immediate stop is in order if the scarf slips.

I'm currently trying to decide between snow chains or studded tyres. As I ride a trike, I've three wheels to consider and think studs might be better.

The joys of being a mad winter cyclist.