Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Bag It

Today's commute was 20 minutes into a -12 headwind. Some people at work are having a hard time adjusting to my bike commuting.

I noticed Cycling Sasquatch has some nice Home Depot re-usable bags.

For New Year’s The Family again participated in this city’s First Night celebration. The first thing we did was head to the LEEDS certified Museum of Visual Materials to decorate re-usable canvas bags in our own unique style.

The Wife now keeps four bags in the back of her car for her trips to the grocery store. (I use my messenger bag.) The other day the checker, apparently inspired by something she saw on Oprah, asked if we’re going to change our lightbulbs to CFL’s. Done. The checker also told The Wife that they say we’re also supposed to unplug appliances when not in use. Uhh…yeah, we plug that sort of thing into a power strip and turn them off there. I think my biking to work came up too.

It was fun to have already adjusted to all that.

My brother-in-law made the bag I wish I had.


Unknown said...

Been thinking about the reusable bag approach. However, right now we use the plastic grocery bags for garbage sacks for the small wastebaskets. I think we're probably ahead (since we don't need to buy the actual trash bags).

I am guessing though (based on number of bags wedged in next to the cabinet in the kitchen) that we don't need so many.

It's time to keep my eyes peeled for some likely fabric we could use to make the bags.

Marrock said...

The A&P we go to always has those reusable "Elizabeth Haub Foundation" bags for 99 cents.

We have about eight or ten of those we use instead of the plastic bags at the store.

I've found that they make loading up my BoB and the girlfriend's trike a bit easier since that keep their shape better than the plastic ones.