Friday, June 27, 2008

Rain Is Water

I really don't like storms. It's been storming a lot lately.

Earlier this month Cycling Sasquatch posted the story of the creation of his rain barrel. It took me seconds to realize I could and should follow suit. Sure, it won't meet my entire plant watering needs, but I'm only looking for 10% replacement for things these days. Not 100%.

The Dad knew of a local hardware store that sells barrels from These are pretty neat barrels. They can be connected together. Filling one barrel fills all of them.

After a few days of imagining what it should look like I purchased four cement cinder blocks and a single piece of curved downspout. Yesterday evening I put it all together.

Here's how it sits. (anybody want an unused cement cinder block?)

The Wife figured my completion of The RainBarrel Project would signal the end of the summer rains. It wouldn't surprise me if she's right, but at least last night mother nature rewarded me by filling brand new rain barrel.

The cherry tomatoes already get drinks taken out of the air from our rather moist basement. My mouth waters when I look at these.


jg_38 said...

Please let me know what store. I have been thinking of doing this for a long time.

mytzpyk said...

Ace Hardware - 41st & Minnesota.

The only other place I shopped was Lowes. It might be the sales dude I drew - when I asked him for a rain barrel he looked at me an said - we got, like, buckets and stuff.

Snakebite said...

Your blocks would be stronger if you set them "holes up" instead of "holes sideways." You might need a piece of wood on top if you are concerned about stuff in the holes.

Put the unused block on your bike. It can be your "training aid" - holes up, of course.

mytzpyk said...

So now you're some sort of engineer or something?


I'll switch them when the barrel is empty.

As for the fourth cinder block - good idea. It will go nice on the rear rack. In the bag.