Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Hey! Where'd My Bait Go? (SD Legislature)

Now all I have is these worms.

While The MinusCar Project remains ambivalent over the need for a 3 Foot Passing Law it is quite opposed to today's developments.

What I thought was going to be an objective distance to clarify the subjective language that describes the distance between me and a passing motor vehicle NOW includes a requirement that I wear reflective clothing when riding my bicycle on a roadway.

Senator Jerstad proposed this exact language for her SB70 bill today. "Any person riding a bicycle shall use reflective material on the person's bicycle and clothing." This amendment and the bill are scheduled to be voted for on Thursday.

What if she wakes up tomorrow and decides we should all be legally required to wear helmets too?

Contact your senators and ask them to oppose this amendment.

THEN, get your slow moving vehicle triangles out and mail them to the capitol.


bikingbrady said...

My spite for politics now grows deeper. Why?!?!? WHY!??!?!

*Biking Brady fails to understand why politicians, no matter how well meaning, will humor the masses to pass a bill, even if it means making it ridiculous.

SD_pedalpower said...

All of cyclists, bikers, walkers, hikers will all have to wear a big-o triangle. At least this is what I saw in my nightmare.

Eric A. said...

I have a feeling that this bill will fail anyways. There is a dull fervor in the Legislature that will see this as not a safety issue , but an invasion of personal rights.
South Dakotans on a whole , dont like being told what to do , or what to think.
Seems the legislature feels this.

Anonymous said...

It seems they are more concerned about the killer tanning booths that our chil-ren are using! Egads! We must ban their use to anyone under the age of 18. Unless, of course, they have their parents' permission.

gad2357 said...

maybe a child should have to wear reflective clothing in the tanning booths, that is, if they don't have parental permission to tan without reflective clothing?

I'm in a reflective mood this morning. I think I will stay inside, out of the sun, and mull these things over.