Thursday, August 19, 2010

Ghost Bike: Today We Are Sad


Today we are sad. We are sad because someone many here knew as friend has died in a collision with a motor vehicle doing something that many of us know to be a beautiful thing - simply riding a bicycle.

It’s been four years since Mike Seiverding fatally collided with a car in a crosswalk at the 28th & Minnesota Ave intersection. We would have liked for more time to have passed.

A lot has changed for the better in 4 years. We know this to be true simply by noticing this gathering of people who have come to mark this very sad day in this very sad spot. Cyclists. Friends. Neighbors. Family.

So together, for a little while we mark this spot as sacred. We place a Ghost Bike here where the unlikely but all too common convergence of time, space and behavior has resulted in terrible changes to the lives of so many.

We are terribly sorry for our bike riding friend - Kevin Rogers, his family and his friends. We know that this senseless occurrence shouldn't have happened. At the same time we know it could have happened to any of us. In fact yesterday it happened to all of us. Together.



Anonymous said...

Well said and touching comments. You did a fantastic job tonight Michael. Hats off to you and Chad.
Thank you my friend.

caheidelberger said...

Keep your eyes on the road, everyone. Put down the beer and the phone. Just drive.

Thank you, Michael, for your efforts.

bikingbrady said...

It always becomes all to real when it hits this close to home. May it be many many more years before we have to do it again my friend. Thank you for your efforts, along with Chad's on this. Your efforts are very much appreciated.