Wednesday, September 29, 2010

SF Bike Committee

Tonight the Sioux Falls Bike Committee met at the downtown library. This committee serves to provide cycling community input to The City as they execute the priority pieces of The Bicycle Plan. It's a public meeting.

This is the bike rack...and sign posts around the front entrance of the library. Let's turn a couple of those car parking spots into bike parking, eh? (Bike counts do not reflect meeting attendance.)

Much goodness was covered in the meeting. In fact it was quite possibly the most meaningful and productive meeting of this group. Ever.

The future is bright.


gad2357 said...

I rode bike to the Main Library late Wednesday afternoon. The bike rack by the main entrance was full (just like in the picture) and the sign posts were being used for the overflow (as in the picture). I chained my bike to the metal bench on the north side of the entrance. Some more bike parking would be a good idea.

Fred Deutsch said...

How about sharing what was covered at the meeting?

mytzpyk said...

Fred. Done.