Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Holy Cow I'm Merging!

There's a spot on 41st St, right there by the busiest intersection in the state, where the sidewalk/pedestrian traffic merges with the right turn only lane on a 40,000 vehicle per day road.

Oh sure there's a myth worth of protection in that spot - a nice 5 inch wide white line painted from one sidewalk edge across to where the sidewalk continues after crossing a right turn only entrance and a right turn only exit from a Walgreen's parking lot.

I cannot believe nobody's died there.

It had to be this way. Without the pedestrian/motor vehicle merge there'd be no way to enter Walgreens by car, therefore there'd be no way to have a Walgreens.

I'm certain the traffic engineers did the best they could - but really, we must have a Walgreens and the Walgreens must be accessible by car.

Besides, people would be crazy to go to that place without 4,000 lbs of steel and glass for protection.

Sunday I arrived at that merge by bike.

By bike? On the sidewalk? DON'T ride on the sidewalk. That's a good way to get hit by right turning traffic. Ride in traffic. The safest place to be in that spot is behind the car in front and in front of the car behind. Where we can all see each other and smile. All friendly like.

Sunday I arrived at that merge by bike. I discovered an SUV turning right. I and the SUV may have gotten intimate - for just a moment.

Better hurry and get 41st a redesign. People would kill to get into Walgreens.

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caheidelberger said...

Ride on, Michael, and own that lane!