Monday, June 27, 2011

Playing In The Street

Saturday I drove the pedicab for a bride and groom then returned to entertain their guests with rides. I was interested in the reactions of the children when they realized we'd be rolling in the street.

Absent their parents saying "don't play in the street" they adjusted quickly to the new paradigm. I may have occasionally slipped from the neutral passivity of a simple service provider by suggesting that streets are actually made for everybody.


Today I listened to city planner Jeff Schmidt say, in a City Channel podcast about zoning that "everybody drives." I know some people who would beg to differ AND planning for THEM would make his city better for everybody.


Sunday I enjoyed asking questions of a friendly parent with a 14 year-old daughter in Drivers Ed. Interesting.

I'm my house we teach the bicycle driving to our 13 year-olds. Here is today's hour long bicycle driving session. We went downtown at 5pm.

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Jessica said...

I'm starting with my new family rider - the four year old - on beginning, proper on-street riding skills.

For starters
1) Stay to the right
2)Always tell the other riders what you are doing so you don't crash into each other
3) Do what the signs say (stop, yield)

Working fine so far on our quieter roads; but we're still on the sidewalk - which is where we learn about being nice to peds. :)