Thursday, August 23, 2012

Ride Demonstration: Western Burnside Madison


gad2357 said...

What? Nobody pulled up to your right in the right turn lane at the red light at 12th and Western and then floor it to try to get ahead of you as they (and you) continued north on Western? I had that happen to me twice in about a week a couple years ago at that intersection. One driver was a teenager, the other older. Both were as...., uh, jerks.

mytzpyk said...

Yeah, that's not a pleasant experience. It's easy to recollect the locations where that has happened to me.

I'm always suspicious of drivers in right turn only lanes who can turn right on red but don't. I figure they're likely to go straight.

This is also one of the examples I use when students ask, "when would we ever need to scan over our right shoulder?"