Saturday, June 22, 2013

Learning To Ride

The Boy 15 and I have been practicing our urban riding a lot this summer. Lots of people learn to ride when they're 5. Kids in my house don't learn to ride until after Driver's Ed and a whole bunch of stopping at red lights and stop signs. Plenty of right and left turn signaling. Controlling and sharing lanes - only when it's safe - and the occasional negotiation with a driver.

This route features lots of residential roads, some 40 mph arterials, some multi-use trail and a little bit of playground. There's a full service bike lane and some shared bike/car parking pavement markings.

There is gravel in the intersections, water in the corners, and cracks in the street.

Also, he's becoming quite the riding buddy. He's learning when it's cool to ride close and when it's not.

Bike it!

My Strava KOM is also here - so we do get to race to a summit.

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