Thursday, August 28, 2014

Sioux Falls Bicycling - Growth, But Who's Paying Attention?


When we met I made a claim that more people ride bicycles for transportation than ride public transportation. Knowing how much effort you have put into public transportation of late, I asked for a little more consideration for bicycling.

Councilor, as an MPO Urbanized Development Commission member you're familiar with the 2014 Sioux Falls Metropolitan Area LRTP Market Research Study.

Attached are two graphs from that study. Graph_1 shows 12% (compared to 2% for public transportation) of the surveyed "normally use [a bicycle] to get to/from work, school or other frequently traveled destinations." Graph_2 shows transportation modes to destinations from 1999 to 2014. Bicycling has increased from 3% to 12%. Public transportation has decreased from 4% to 2%.

I have supported my claim and suggest again that more dollars and time be provided to improve bicycling transportation.

Thank you.

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