Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Quick - Everybody Ride - Now

On my way home from work today I chatted with Gregg, said hi to Kris, Tammy, Kris (again but much later) and chatted with Clint who was fresh from a visit to Madison, 'sconsin.

Also, UNPRECEDENTED - check this out...

I rolled up Main Ave behind a curb hugging woman. We arrived at 9th & Main where her right side lane position blocked my right turn. So I got in line.

Not long after I heard a different woman speak from behind me - "Do you like those big tires? Do they make your bike harder to pedal?" Well you caught me, didn't you.

But notice, FULLY THREE riders were stopped at the same red light at the same time. Also, women are the measure of successful bike infrastructure and the Main Avenue road diet is amazing.

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