Thursday, July 30, 2015

CarFreeBNA: Day 1

I'm off to Nashville!

For the past 3 years I've been presiding over Live On Stage: Sioux Falls Concerts Association. Every year this group promotes five concerts at the Washington Pavilion. Every year this group goes to Nashville to see a showcase of talent from which we pick our five concerts.

So I'm in Nashville.

I flew here - which is really bad from a The MinusCar Project perspective. I suppose it's something like the equivalent of driving 100 Hummers the same distance. Or maybe more. It's the downside of doing interesting things. Similar to my time with the South Dakota Bicycle Coalition - I don't have much of a stomach for driving to encourage bicycling.

Nevertheless, I'm in Tennessee. I expect much music, biking, BBQ and baseball. We'll see how it goes.

From airport to lodging I opted for the $1.70 MTA trip to downtown. I assume other options are $30. Maybe a hotel shuttle option is free, but I'm not in a position to take advantage of that.

As I rode the bus I became complacent. Apparently I've gotten accustomed to my The Boy 13 navigating public transportation because I completely failed to pay attention to getting off my bus at Music City Center. That's HIS job and he's not here. Maybe I need a refresher course!

I rode back around on the route and arranged a new meeting spot outside The Country Music Hall of Fame where my host picked me up and drove me to his condo. I'm staying in an Airbnb, which is a new experience for me. He was confused that I was on a bus but at the airport. I explained my car-free thing and he noted Nashville is made for cars but trying to do better. Yeah, aren't we all.

I have his place all to myself. It's the downtown living experience without the recurring cost. I can see LP Field - home of the Titans from my window. It's Nashville so there are gold and platinum albums on the wall.

I saved last night's dinner for Nashville and found the Hermitage Cafe right around the corner. Breakfast for 10pm supper! Reminded me of the old Hamburger Shop in Sioux Falls. It's Nashville so it's been featured in a country music video.

Enough! Off to begin Part 2.

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