Thursday, September 03, 2015

The Marathon! Help FAB Water Runners

FAB (Falls Area Bicyclists) is hosting a water stop at the Sioux Falls Marathon & Half Marathon. We welcome riders come, encourage the runners, and help dish water to thirsty people with miles to go before they rest.

The running happens September 13.  Our water stop is at the 4 mile mark in the parking lot of the Chamber of Commerce building at 8th & Phillips. The fastest marathoners will be through at about 6:45am and the slowest half-marathoners will come through around 8:30am.

Ride your bike for best access, the most fun, and because it makes the best sense.


That's the formal ask. Let's get personal. I strongly believe that a marathon is an important piece of any community. I am very glad that Sioux Falls has one. My family has marshalled a corner for four years running(!). This year we're upgrading to a water stop.

Water stops need more people so I asked FAB if they would tap(!) members to come and volunteer as well(!).

For all the events I go to as a rider that are made so much better because there are volunteers on hand supporting the event - this is one time I can give it back. In addition, with FAB being a presence at the marathon it might begin to register with runners that bicycling is more fun.

Yeah, I said it.

If you're reading this but not a FAB member, come out anyway. You're my friend so your presence is welcome.

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