Thursday, October 22, 2015

Cranksgiving 2015

Cranksgiving - the 2015 edition - is coming!

Cranksgiving is a food drive, on two wheels, with a bit of scavenger hunt tossed in. On November 21 depart Spoke-n-Sport at 1pm. Go to grocery stores and buy food. Return to Spoke-n-Sport with food in hand and off it goes to Feeding South Dakota.

Actually it's a race too, but who cares? The race works like this - get 1 item at as many grocery stores as you can. Return with food and receipts in the allotted time. Get points for each visited store. There are other ways to get additional points. Score a lot of points and maybe even win. Last year I won the race on a tandem with The Boy 17 who was 16 at the time. He won youth. It was quite fun chasing other riders around town and encountering them in surprise places.

One of my favorite Argus Leader photos of all time from last year's event.

Here we are with Santa Claus in the obligatory winners photo.

The official rules and what nots are on the Spoke-n-Sport website. Even pre-register there.

Check out Bike Sioux Falls too. There will be fresh content there that will be worth looking at just to see pictures of riders in turkey and pilgrim costumes.

There is a national Cranksgiving website too. See which cities have Cranksgiving events...and see that we have one too!

Come. Ride. Gather food. Share. Enjoy. Give cranks.

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