Thursday, April 07, 2016

Driver Mindset on the Bike Trail?

I’ve learned of an early March bike trail pedestrian/bike crash resulting in unconsciousness and broken bones for the pedestrian. I hate it when the driver mindset of “push forward though all risks” visits the trail.

I suspect many riders don’t take into consideration the physics of human reaction time when riding around pedestrians.

First the pedestrian must identify the bell or call-out “on your left” is directed at them, they have to identify the correct response and they have to implement the response. Is that a 9 second process if everything works perfectly?

A 20mph rider travels 261 feet in 9 seconds. That’s 87 yards people. I bet most pedestrians cannot identify a bell or call-out directed at them from 87 yards.

The ONLY safe response to this information is to slow down for slower trail users. I’ve said before, if you’re not matching the speed of the people you’re passing on the trail and especially complimenting the bikes ridden by children you’re not thinking enough about the future of riding in the city.

My high school math teacher will tell you a bike trail crash could end your riding career. It did his.


Unknown said...

Hello! I am the pedestrian that you are referring too! I am doing alright. Recovering from my injuries. I didn't break any bones but I did completely tear my clavicle. There are three ligaments surrounding your clavicle keeping it to your shoulder and the force of the hit caused me to completely tear all three ligaments. I had surgery on the 14th to repair all the damage. Thank you for the blog post! I really appreciate it! I just wanted the most accurate information. Thank you for getting the word out!

mytzpyk said...

Oh wow. Hello. Is it true that the rider's homeowners insurance would normally cover your medical expenses...if only said rider had provided contact information to you?

Unknown said...

That's what my insurance agent said to me! If the rider has homeowner insurance the liability part of his homeowner insurance covers accidents such as this! I just found this out recently otherwise it was a lost cause trying to find the guy. I am not looking to sue him if his insurance doesn't cover. I am a nurse so I can't work for 3 months during my recovery process and I am also a homeowner so if I can find the cyclist it would help cover my expenses regarding surgery that would be very helpful!

Stefan Hartwig said...

Wow. That's very unfortunate. Glad you're doing ok Michelle, although ok is relative I guess. Hope you can find the cyclist again.