Tuesday, July 12, 2005

August Outside Magazine

I read the August issue of Outside Magazine yesterday. Normally I don’t get quite so captivated by reading, but for some reason this was different. Here are three highlights:

1. This is inspiring. Seems like this setup might be a little rough on the shoulders and that it would slip out from underneath. I wonder if I could figure out a way to pull something like this off before winter. I could start with 41 pounds of rock in my backpack.

2. Article “Raising the Dead” by Tim Zimmermann – about cave diver Dave Shaw’s fatal attempt to retrieve Deon Dreyer’s corpse from a cave 900 feet underwater. This fall I read Krakauer’s Mt Everest book, and this article brought back many of the same feelings. It was captivating, and includes an ironical ending.

3. Article “New American Dream Towns” by Mike Grudowski – about 10 towns with “cool ideas for building smart communities…plus…concepts in urban revival, combating sprawl…” I learned here that in 2002 Salt Lake City “independently latched on to the Kyoto Protocal goals, vowing to cut its emissions of greenhouse gases 21 percent by 2012.”

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Anonymous said...

I am not sure if "ironical" is a word, but I agree on the "Raising the Dead" article. That article may get me to renew my faith in a magazine that has been slipping in the past three years. I hope the publishers figure out naked women do not make Outside what it is.