Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Holiday Weekend

I began the holiday weekend hoping for big hours on the bike, starting with a 90-minute trip home from work. Then came a 9pm, 2 hour ride around the town. Lots of people were feeling chatty while we were out on the ride. Many things were shouted from many vehicles as we rode, and none of them could be easily determined to be hostile.

Saturday was a waste, mostly because it began at 7:30am with 3.5 hours of Tour de France coverage on OLN-TV, in all its Trautwiggian awfulness. Once a day begins with that much television I have very little motivation for anything else. I even tried, without success, to reboot the day by taking a nap.

Sunday arrived and I was rested and ready to do some off-road biking. One way that the MinusCar Project has hampered my quality of life is in my ability to ride bike off-road. The best/nearest place to ride is in a state park 25 miles away. My desire to minimize car trips has so far greatly limited my desire to make that trip. Four of us met 8am Sunday morning at the LBS and 7 hours later I’d completed the round trip by mountain bike. As I was thinking how to count this for MinusCar scoring I realized I had probably ridden to the ride to the ride. Interestingly while on this ride I learned that I no longer have enough hair up top to protect my scalp from sunburn.

Sunday into Monday I spent at the in-laws lake home. I had the option available to ride the 35 miles home, but ended up choosing the option of napping and eating more bars and cheesecake.

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Anonymous said...

That's always been my issue with riding off road as well. The time it takes to actually get to where you can do it. Depending on where you want to ride there's also the possibility of an entry fee. Add in the time it can take for trails to become rideable after the winter or a good rain storm, and road riding is just way too easy.

Open door, get on bike, pedal.

No muss no fuss no greenhouse gas.

Cool site, blame Chad for pointing me to it.