Friday, July 15, 2005

Today’s Tip: Don’t Mess with Your Transport (Especially When It’s Your Only Transport)

I began the day looking forward to joining the evening club road ride. Upon arriving at work I performed a very minor handlebar adjustment that I should have done a couple weeks ago. As I was tightening the stem bolt I stripped it. Unbelievable! That leaves me in a mess. Not only can I not join the club ride, I can’t even get home!

At lunch I endured standing on the corner in business casual work clothes accompanied by a road bike, waiting for a bus to take me to the LBS. I ordered a new stem and left the bike behind. Then back on the bus to get back to work. After work I’m back on the bus to get back to the LBS. And I’m still not entirely comfortable waiting at bus stops.

Here’s where the lemons become lemonade. This guy I know, who happens to own like a ton of bikes agreed to loan me his top of the line Cannondale F4000SL. (Thanks Chad!) Then this other guy I know agreed to give me a ride to and from the OFF-ROAD club ride in his Cadillac SRX. (Thanks Eggs!) Talk about plush rides! (Thanks Guys!)

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