Thursday, July 07, 2005

Me v. 1 (800) BAR-NONE

As it turns out Al Trautwig isn’t the most annoying thing on OLN-TV right now. It’s the microphone wielding sock puppet doggy formerly employed by He’s been hired as the BAR-NONE pitchman, and can be seen two or three times an hour during OLN-TV’s Tour de France coverage.

The advertisement opens with the puppet approaching a well-dressed young woman sitting on a bus stop bench. He asks her if she’s been waiting long, she responds affirmatively and adds that she’s late. He suggests she needs a car, she says she has bad credit. A well-dressed young man then approaches with the same problem. He makes the call to BAR-NONE finds out they’re going to extend him credit so he can get a car.

The message is clear. If you’re waiting at a bus stop there must be something wrong with you. Additionally, you’re open to questioning by random microphone wielding sock puppets while you wait.

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Anonymous said...

Just remember,
It's a car culture in the US.
Everyone is an individual who wants to be like everyone else.
Look at all the Lawyers and Doctors who want to be renegade outlaws in the old west by buy Harley's and dressing up as idiots who have to much money.