Tuesday, July 12, 2005


MinusCar Trips: 6
Multi-occupant Auto Trips: 5

Single-occupant Auto Trips: 3

It was a tough week for single occupant vehicle trips. I drove to work Wednesday because I had 10 gallons of water to bring with me. I had The Wife lined up to carpool, but I was going to make her late and by the time we realized that I was too late to bus or ride.

Thursday during the day I learned I’d be picking up The Boys in the evening, and without trailer transport for them I was left with driving.

And Sunday, while I didn’t accumulate miles on My Car, I did cause The Family to use The Other Car specifically to come rescue me after the chain on my bike broke 5 miles into a ride.

My Car Miles: 22 (seems like the low 20’s is becoming normal weekly miles)

Bicycle Training: 5.1 hours

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