Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Clever Chimp v. The Green Witch

The CleverChip (yo, TL, he's in Portland) reports on his visit to a member of his local permaculture guild. It's a very fascinating read.

It makes me remember fondly the rabbit wacker scene in Michael Moore's "Roger and Me"...only without the condescension and sarcasm.

While you're visiting The Chimp check out his red pill post. This post is loaded with good thought and ideas. I think it's brilliant.

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Anonymous said...

The links were a great read.
While I have been tiring of being a slave to the car and oil companies over the last few years.
It has been only recently that I have decided to do anything about it.These 2 links only add fuel to my fire to become less and less of a slave to both. If those 2 giants were to fall . I would not cry.