Tuesday, July 12, 2005

It’s Not Much But It’s Contagious

I had a conversation with the husband of the daycare provider about riding to work. Someone at his place of employment is trying to get him to ride. He thought maybe he’d get it done before winter.

I saw one of my neighbors on the road with a backpack heading home recently. I can’t claim any credit for this one, but it doubles the number of people within a block of my home riding to work.

And then there’s the land of the bloggers:

SASQUATCH: “I was reading where Sioux Falls, SD recently implemented racks on busses and if a city that size can do it, why can't Lincoln?”

Me, My Life + Infrastructure: “But then the smallest things can cheer me up...MinusCar from a guy going carfree in South Dakota boosted my spirits.”

Of course headlines like “Gas prices nip at record high” really help.

By the way, Monday I saw my first bike on bus out in the wild. By that I mean, I wasn't on the bus, and I wasn't at the bus depot. And yes readers, I have reported to you each of my bike/bus sightings, and I think this makes three.


Anonymous said...

One more humanoid on a bicycle .
One less car/truck/wagon/van/Suv on the road.

Anonymous said...

I never really looked at the picture of you. Maybe your blog should be Minuscar Plus NINJA.