Friday, July 08, 2005

High Risk Behavior

The bus ride to work today was quite the adventure after swapping yellow for orange in the mass transit rainbow ‘o terror. Fortunately for me, calling the busses I ride as mass transit is a bit of a stretch. For most of the trip it was I who held the honor of being the most dangerous passenger, since I was the only passenger.

My personal rainbow 'o terror gained some flecks of red as I boarded; my driver informed me of a slight route change. I remained alert for the duration of the trip looking for additional signs of impending doom, but found none. Eventually it became obvious that the route change was necessary because of advancement of a very large road construction project.

Two Cities Two Wheels has an intersting article about the sudden popularity of bicycles in London after yesterday.

1 comment:

woody said...

Would you rather no one said anything until your bus blew up?

It's hard living in an open society such as ours. The only thing harder is living in a closed society (like N. Korea).