Tuesday, July 26, 2005

MinusKids and the Jonny Deppathon

The In-laws lifted The Boys from daycare on Friday with the promise that we could retrieve them Sunday.

The first order of business for this MinusKids weekend was to attend the outdoor Bare Bodkins Theater Presentation of Midsummer Night’s Dream. The soaring heat index made us realize that no amount of bare bodkins was going to be comfortable so we opted for air conditioning instead. It began with dinner out at Boston’s and ended with the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie starring Johnny Depp.

Saturday was a workday for The Wife. I went for a two hour training ride (props to Eric at the LBS for the Tour Time Trail updates), got home, showered and got right back on the bike for some all day errand running. I caught The Bus to downtown for lunch with The Wife. Then rode to the LBS for a new Camelback hose (after noticing that the current hose was sprouting vegetation.) On to The Mom’s house to return some property and an hour of chatting (it had been awhile.) The UPS store to return some mail order clothing for The Wife. The Outdoor Campus for a photography exhibit (they were closed), Sam’s Club for a blood pressure monitor (I’m getting old, eh?), the grocery store for some popcorn, and finally Ruby Tuesday’s where I met The Wife for supper. After supper we returned home to enjoy the movie Pirates of the Caribbean starring Johnny Depp on DVD.

Saturday’s excursion, while ostensibly being about errand running, was also partly a meditation a little bit along the lines of a Native American Sweat Lodge. With heat indices well above 100 degrees, I wanted very much to spend the day outside on a bicycle to experience how it felt and to think about global warming and green house gasses.

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