Tuesday, July 19, 2005

New Category: Passenger Stats

In the comments Nimbleboy offered his impression that a typical bus might have a dozen riders. I'm going to track rider statistics for awhile to offer a more accurate picture of what riding the bus looks like to me. Mmmmm...data.

7/18 - 5pm - Depot to Home - 2 aboard, 2 pickups, 2 drops
7/18 - 7pm - Home to Downtown - 1 aboard, 1 drop
7/19 - 8am - Home to Work - 1 aboard, 1 pickup

These numbers do not include me in the counts.
Bus seating capacity is 28 passengers.

This will also give me a way to track bus trips per month. I pay $25/month for unlimited rides. I suspect that I don't ride the necessary 25 trips per month to break even on the deal.

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