Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Thoughts on Lance and leTour

Lance retires after winning The Tour for The Seventh time. As long as The Boy (7) has been alive we’ve been watching the same person win. Unlike some years, I actually wanted Lance to win this one.

And now he’s retired which opens up a world of possibilities for the race and pro-cycling. The Tour will be more exciting next year as everyone gets to move up a notch in the final standings. Will one of the three other American’s that finished in the top 15 be able reach the podium next year? Will a racer, after wearing the yellow jersey through 4 days in the mountains crack on the 5th day and finish in Paris merely in the top 10? Will Tyler Hamilton get to come out of doper’s purgatory?

Not only will The Tour be more exciting but also races throughout the season could change. Maybe George Hincapie, bolstered with the confidence of winning a mountain stage, and not concerned with needing to be at peak fitness in July, can let it all hang out and win the elusive Paris/Roubaix in April.

So long Lance. It was good when you were here, and it’s good that you’re gone.

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