Friday, July 15, 2005

Sorry This Bus Is Full...and Don't Break the Routine

On the way in today two guys with bikes were waiting at a stop. It was unlucky for them that I was already on the bus with a bike and two is the maximum load. They ended up choosing to ride downtown. I felt bad. I had previously decided that if this situation ever occured and it was reasonable for me to get off and ride, that I would. Today it was reasonable for me to ride from that stop, but I hadn't realized what was going on until the bus doors closed and they rode off up the street. I'll be more prepared next time.

Yesterday's bike problems continued to cause me trouble today. I removed my bike lock key from the ring so when I arrived at work today I was without a key to lock my bike. my bike is hiding in the basement of building #2. Hopefully its presence doesn't offend someone.


nimbleboy said...

I am under the impression that when you ride the bus you are one of a dozen or so passengers. Yes? So are bicycles not allowed on the bus at all? The buses I drive also have a rack for two bikes. If the rack is full and someone else with a bike wants to ride, I can let them on the bus with their bike, provided it's safe. And safe pretty much means that the bus isn't too full. Seems like the problem of too many bikes on your bus shouldn't be a problem at all...


mytzpyk said...

In the mornings, when I board the bus, I am most often one of two passengers. We often pick up a couple more on the way to downtown. Most of the other times I ride the bus (and on the morning trip from the downtown transfer station to work (I don't work downtown)) there are often 8 to 12 passengers aboard. Very rarely are there more than 12.

“If the bike rack is full, wait for the next available bus.” – from the Bike & Bus brochure. I've always thought of this as a ridiculous suggestion. During peak times the busses run every 30 minutes on the routes. During mid-day the busses run every hour. It would be very interesting to see the transit boards react to the suggestion of allowing bikes on the buses.