Friday, May 05, 2006

Dr. James Dobson v The Theology of the Body and God’s Calling

From the April 17 Focus On the Family radio show. Repeated April 27. I recommend the April 17 show because the statement is at the beginning.

Dr Dobson is addressing a California Senate bill 1437. As part of his concern over the bill, he says this:
“Pardon me for what I'm about to say cause it's going to irritate some people too…”
Does that validate or invalidate my irritation?
“We have some evangelical ministers all across the country who are devoting their time and energy to environmental issues such as global warming and other things which are controversial (we're not sure where the science is going to come down on that) and are not talking about moral issues like this [California Senate bill].”
Here are some accompanying study questions:

Is Dr Dobson saying he gets frustrated with evangelical ministers that focus on controversial issues? Is that limited to the ones who focus on the environment or does it include the ones who focus on homosexuality, or abortion? What about the ones who focus on the family? If it's just the environment, why?

Recommended reading: Focus on the Family: A Statement on the Environment (pdf)

Do Dr Dobson's comments infringe on the theology of the church being the body of Christ?

Do Dr Dobson's comments infringe on God’s calling some people to specific forms of ministry?

When Dr Dobson says science, what does he mean?

Expect a special posting this weekend about one of the evangelical ministers Dr Dobson is so frustrated with.

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