Wednesday, May 17, 2006

It's A Pedestrian Thing...

Friday was a windy day. I'm guessing it was windy enough to rearrange some traffic control devices.

The building on the left is a middle school. Further down the block is an elementary school.

I realize kids don't walk to school like they used to but...

I'm sure glad my kids don't have to cross at this crosswalk.

I called Friday to let "them" know there was a problem here. Apparently the "them" I called weren't the "them" that "they're" talking about when "they" talk about the "them" that fix traffic control devices.

I still think I called the right people, that this possibly fits in the protect portion of "their" motto. Besides, the street department wasn't open at 5:30pm on Friday.


Anonymous said...

This is not related to mixed traffic signals, but my lab mate assured me that we have all been riding our bikes for no reason.

-Love the biker in the hail storm!

Anonymous said...

Stop Walking! Is there a big suburban sitting in the background of that picture with tinted windows and plates that say "U02DRV"? Or is that just my inner conspiracy theorist?