Wednesday, October 25, 2006

A Day For Bikes

As I got ready to ride this morning I noticed it was a little dark. I put the light on my bike and on my way discovered most drivers were still using their headlights. Good choice. One more week and lights will be an absolute necessity.

I rode to a lunch meeting. Against the wind all the way there. I was a few minutes late.

After work I had two downtown meetings. A city bike committee meeting (thanks for the pizza) and the previously advertised bike 2 work meeting. Looks like we've got some new faces interested in getting involved. Excellent.

And then the best part...ride your bike to work, attend evening meetings after you getting home?


When I put the lights on this morning I hadn't realized that I'd be needing them to get home that evening. Planning ahead is important. Luck is nice too.

I rode the long way home and rode a lot of the bike trail. It was a beautiful night. I saw another well lit rider on the trail. I think we waved at each other. It was dark.

28 miles today.


Eric A. said...

it's quite nice, albeit a little chilly, at 1am.
the stars are quite bright then also.
But I like it.
Good to see the darkness isn't getting you down.

Anonymous said...

Spinning to and from work in the dark? Winter must be getting pretty close. Just reading about winter in Finland. Depending on how far north one is in the country, the sun may not rise for months. Good thing you are not that far north. If you were, you might need a yak instead of a Cannondale.

Stay well.

Anonymous said...

One more week, and you won't need lights in the morning. Daylight savings time ends this weekend.