Thursday, March 01, 2007

T-Shirt #2.7

From MC in Harrisburg, SD -

Let's take the minus and plus in a different direction. Let's go away from Western thinking for a bit. It's time for some Eastern thought.

It's visual. Look at the minus – sign and its horizontal tilt.

Let's observe the plus + sign and the vertical and horizontal leanings.

Taking those pictures into the spiritual relationships one can see the horizontal connection of God through interaction with God's creation; be it man or nature on the physical plane as suggested in Romans chapter 1.

Look at the plus and one can see the vertical approach to God in an upward longing, stretching to the heavens begging to hear His voice or feel his touch as the horizontal plane cuts through the middle causing the upward gaze to fall downward into the eyes of the awaiting chosen vessels to share His love with open hearts and arms ----

Embrace the horizontal connection of God on earth and enjoy the minus as the new plus.

In a mathematical sense, addition through subtraction makes minus the new plus. Cities and their multitudes are often represented in literature as places of bad influence and corruption. In contrast, rural areas with their sparse populations are refuges of rest. Christ often started his day in solitude to give himself strength. During the day he visited villages and sought solitude within the multitudes. He sought individuals to affect solitary lives. As night approached, he found in solitude, a time to heal from a single day filled with a myriad of moments with many.

The desert fathers and sisters of the 4th century isolated themselves from society so they could hear the voice of God more clearly. The more they prayed and sought Him in prostrate form, the less time they had for the world. They would go for weeks and months without seeing others so as to become more in tune with his will. Multitudes would flock to the desert to hear the wisdom of God when the contemplatives would break fast.

Minus – and plus +. It's time for some quiet reflection and a search for solitude.

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Michelle said...

I like this, very cool! God is in the details :)