Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Ride The Sky

Is it March yet?

The Owner was cruising the St Paul, MN skyway last night.

Actually, the Red Bull Ride the Sky time trial was last night. The Owner was selected as a participant. His three minute ride is here.


bikingbrady said...

Dear "Owner"....why couldn't you do a cool crash like the other guy?

mytzpyk said...

The crash...the Red Bull pad, heavily used in video #1 was non-existent for The Owner.

I think it was a conspiracy.

Glanzer77 said...

We were on the same blogging page today...livingonliquid.


Spoke-N-Sport said...

Dear bikingbrady,

Please see comment #3. Any questions?

Snakebite said...

I can't help it - I am on your blog several times a day to watch that dude fly down the stairs and biff the pad, I watch that about four times every time I'm on.

bigH said...

I am joining with the conspiracy theorists. The crash video is a different skyway. The skyway at the bottom of the steps has a slight jog right. In addition, the doorway has what appears to be a pad on the right-hand post. There is no such stairway on the Owner’s video.

There are two sets of stairs in the Owner's video, the first at 1:00, and the other at 0:47 remaining in the video. At the bottom of the 1:00 steps the skyway turns right down a wide hallway; the :47 steps make a left turn through a doorway.

Anonymous said...

Sweet, I'm the dude that crashes in the video. I found your site when I was googling the event! Keep up the good work!!