Friday, February 02, 2007

Let's Be Religious: The Offering

Today marks the end of a long string of some of my hardest fought for posts. I hope you enjoyed them. Congratulations to all who could keep up. Some of my anonymous friends couldn't hold the pace. I guess that happens when the Bible gets put on public display. I trust they'll catch up later.

Ready for the MinusCar-style offering? I have t-shirts...
"The shirts are monetarily free… you gotta pay with words. Write something around the “minus is the new plus” theme. 300 words minimum. I don’t care if it’s good or bad. I want to publish it on this blog but if you say no I’ll honor that. Leave it as a comment to this post, or e-mail it to me at mytzpyk at yahoo dot com.

Any address information exchanged in this transaction will not be used by anybody but me and only for shirt delivery. Upon request I’ll wear it on a commute prior to mailing. Icky. I will make every effort to supply a shirt for every essay but I cannot guarantee every essay will result in a shirt."
If you have an old shirt and the logo on the back is coming apart, write another essay. I made the logo bigger. It holds together better.

If you write include your shirt size. I'll have them made in March.

If you don't know what the shirts look check here - The Invitation.

If you don't write I won't have to spend any money.

This might be my last post for the month of February. It's a fasting/sabbath thing. If you've been paying attention you probably understand.



bikingbrady said...

My wife has this rule due to my past years of running and biking tshirts...if I get a new one I have to get rid of an old one. That's hard to do since most are like trophies to me! But for you and the honor of wearing a minuscar tshirt, I'll get to work on it!

peddlinshutterbug said...

ME WRITE? hmmmmm..... another t-shirt is always good.