Monday, February 26, 2007

T-Shirt #2.6

From JH in Brookings, OR -


I love cycling. There are so many facets to cycling that just aren't available in any other sport. Travel would have to be one of the facets that are way up there on the list.

My wife and I traveled the Oregon coast last summer on our tandem. We had a great vacation and spent a third or less what we might spend on any other kind of diversion.

One of the most interesting encounters we had was a cycling couple from Canada and their children. For them this meant two tandems and two trailers. They had been on the road for over a month. They left from Vancouver, British Columbia and were headed for Southern California. Can you imagine the education their children are receiving?

Minus is a Plus for them. If you have ever toured and came home with anything you didn’t use you obviously begin to wonder why you took it. That extra weight. That extra item just getting in the way!

The Minus as a Plus with cycling for me includes no worries about many health problems caused by lack of exercise. Less cost for travel. Less wasted time with exercise and travel time combined. And I gotta say at least one plus. That plus is a modestly clearer ability to reason. No I haven’t ridden yet today can you tell!

By the way the fuel saved riding isn’t very impressive overall. One rich dude’s cross country flight in his private jet will burn more fuel in a couple of hours than probably everybody in the nation that rides saves in a day!

I used to bike to work when I could but now my job and type of work I’m involved with prevents that. Anyhow I can drive the 60 mile roundtrip to work on less fuel than it takes me to get the second engine started on the small twin engine aircraft I fly for work! (It takes about 90 seconds or less with one engine running before I get the second one started).

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