Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Sustain Ability

Three of the best words in the English language, "Yeah, me too."

Today I came across an article that appears to have run in the Yankton, SD newspaper. It's an interview with NorthWestern Energy's Corporate Communications Coordinator Tom Glanzer about compact fluorescent light bulbs.

There are some excellent quotes in the piece:
"Instead of spending more money on making more energy, we need to also focus on ways we can save energy."
"The bottom line is, we have to think of our environment. If we were all using compact fluorescents, there'd be a lot less energy usage across the U.S. We need to be aware of how much impact we can have by making such a small change."
This is the sort of energy company I could like!

A .pdf of the article can be downloaded here.

Any connections between this article and MinusCar Essay #2.3 are your own to draw.