Monday, April 09, 2007

The DeWeese Report v. The MinusCar Project Part III (of 3)

This is the final part of a series of three. Part I and Part II are…well follow the links.

Is Mr DeWeese correct? Do climate change scientists stand to be granted massive grants from government, private foundations and EVEN corporations? Should I be concerned about who is funding these scientists? Should I follow the advice of Mr DeWeese and follow the money?

Following the money is difficult because corporations don’t hire scientists. Scientists must appear to be “independent” and “neutral.” If only there was a tool. Someplace that did a whole bunch of research…maybe there’s something on the internets...someplace that would tag organizations with big red dollar signs if they’d received funding from certain corporations. Corporations like ExxonMobile for example.

Mr DeWeese says, “By the way, let me assure you that my organization has never taken a dime from anyone trying to get me to promote my position on global warming.”

This appears to be a true statement.

What about the scientists Mr DeWeese refers to in his letter. Like Richard Lindzen…

…and Fred Singer.

Fred “Ferris Wheel” Singer seems more appropriate.

Clearly funding sources are very difficult to define and find, otherwise Tom certainly would have mentioned this.

How about the American Policy Center’s board of directors?

Vice President Bonner Cohen?

Well two funded out of three ain’t bad…as they say.

Or Alan Caruba.

He’s a little behind the others. Hope he doesn’t have Exxon Envy.

Thanks for the advice Tom...and the article clearing up the issue of climate change for the “little girl” in elementary school.

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