Thursday, September 20, 2007


I threw up on my way to work today. I've never thrown up on the bike before. A new experience. I can't remember if it feels better to throw up in a car.

I got left behind in a conversation today because I don't watch TV. Apparently there's an iPhone ad with a song. Apparently I'm the only one who hasn't seen it. I'm ok with that because if I saw an iPhone I'd want one. I don't want to want one. Right now, I don't want one. (It's working.)

The TV was on this morning long enough for them to switch to the weatherman who was on the street saying how he loves to give away Crest Whitener mouth strips. Yeah, me too buddy. That's what I went to weatherman school for. Today's crappy weather was sponsored by Crest. Click.

I'm supporting No Impact Man as he swims around the southern tip of Manhattan. You can too. Don't know No Impact Man? You should.

No too long ago (but not yesterday either), my friend The Prairie Progressive bestowed on me The Pissant Provocateur Award. Thank you very much Tim. He also wrote a few very nice sentences about The MinusCar Project. I like to encourage that sort of behavior so I'm linking to it.

Last and not least, in the mail today I received my Facility Bike Club Mojo Bag. It's hanging off The MinusCar messenger bag. Thanks Jeff (MinusCar essay #17) & Kristy.

Have a happy Friday.


Jeff Moser said...

Glad you got the Mojo Bag! I got my MinusCar sticker yesterday, and will be putting it on my single speed this weekend. I'll be moving into the city soon, and plan to bicycle commute through the winter...most likely on this bike. I shall fly the MinusCar logo proudly!

Bill Maher had this to say about iPhones recently...

"New Rule: Stop b*tching that Apple cut the price of the iPhone. Early adopters always pay a premium. "Early adopters" being a business term meaning "dipshits who stand in line for six hours... for a freaking phone. It's not a price cut. It's a repeal on the "Nerd Tax." If you didn't have to be the first on your block to have the latest gizmo, you'd now have an extra $200 to spend on your imaginary girlfriend."

Snakebite said...

I've also got a Jeff and Kristy mojo bag. I am happy to report that it's working wonderfully!

Marrock said...

Just a quickie to let you know I like the blog and to brag a bit about being carless for five years and counting.

Granted, I do miss some of the far-off places I used to visit regularly and haven't been to since my van went the way of the do-do, but some day they'll add bus lines to those places and I can see them once again.

But until then, two wheels are the only way to fly.