Thursday, September 13, 2007

Walk This Way

I went for a lunchtime walk the other day. I do this often. When my company moved the changing room situation degraded and I’m no longer comfortable changing clothes for lunchtime rides.

(goof - cameraman is clearly visible in the frame)

I don’t mind the walking thing though. It’s two or three hours a week to further minimize the number of man-made things around me. It’s paths by green pastures...

and quiet waters type stuff.

The sky was blue.

I took my camera this time. I once saw a piece of tree bark...

with legs moving through the water with purpose. Another time I came across a turtle the size of a quarter.

This time I was looking for signs of fall. Sure it’s early, but there are a few more leaves on the ground than usual at home .

I didn’t find any signs of fall.

The next morning I found this. I hope it didn’t fall too far.

Apparently mammal extinction is in the news lately.

I'm hiding my nipples.


SiouxGeonz said...

That's easy for you to say :)

Snakebite said...

On our Saturday morning thing I'll announce to the group you've hid your nipples and then, collectively, we will try to find them.

mytzpyk said...

Maybe we could do it as a club scavenger hunt this fall.

Jeff Moser said...

Changing room situation? All you need is a bathroom stall! I've been changing in a stall for the last six years, and I'm now an expert at balancing on one foot...

Shoot, I'd change under my desk if I had too!

Still, that looks like a beautiful walk.

Smudgemo said...

Heck, last week I changed at my desk after my commute in. You just have to be tall enough to see over the cube walls to make sure nobody is coming.