Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Report: October 8-14

Trips -

MinusCar: 9
Multi-occupant Auto: 6
Single occupant Auto: 5
Destinations: 30

I’m in a pretty unmotivated period right now. I seem to have misplaced my muse. Or I burned out. Or both. Maybe I’ll uncover it later. In the meantime starting up these reports again will give me a good way to keep The Project alive.

My Car Miles: 23
My Bike Miles: 82.5

The highlight of the week was the 50 mile Saturday. Beginning with the Snakebite led Coffee & Doughnut ride. A trip to the LBS where somehow I ended up hanging the I.F. in the back room and rode away on a single speed roadster (Cannondale Capo).

After a bit of lunch I then joined the FAB Apple Orchard ride. I rode nice and slow behind The Owner and his three daughters. It was fun to hang with them and watch the 30 some riders ahead of us mixing it up with the unusually heavy traffic. Most everybody seemed to get along fine. Speaking of FAB children, I count 6 child rollers on that trip.

Pizza and FAB board elections followed that. I’ll be treasurer for another year.

Off to The Boy 5’s soccer game. “I don’t know dear, these bikes just seem to attach themselves to me.” And back home.


Marrock said...

I tried throwing a bike into the BoB I tow and telling the significant other that "It followed me home, can I keep it?" but that doesn't seem to work with her... I must not be doing the puppydog eyes thing properly.

Spoke-N-Sport said...

Try buying a bike store. Then you can have all the bikes you could ever want. But don't get too attached because the bank will want to see those bikes go out the door just about as quickly as they came.

Snakebite said...

Maybe you need some motivation. Say it out loud, "Sha WHA ma gon." Or maybe The Owner will give you a swift kick in the arse if you ask him nicely. Either way, there you go.

SD_pedalpower said...

Your not burned out. Your just sick of all the rain.

Once the sun comes out it will improve everyones outlook on life and biking, including yours and mine.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.