Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Girls w/ Basses

I spent much of the weekend enjoying LifeLight. Roughly 34 bands in 36 hours. For some folks it no doubt seemed like work. For me...well, I did have some pretty good seats.

Wind may have been a factor.

Friday night was my favorite night. There was evidence of As I Lay Dying.

Showbread kicked off the night.

Followed by Children 18:3. I may have been starstruck.

There were setlists.

Buttons and knobs.

Cases and amps.

Hair and 15-year-old drummers.



MxPx closed out the event. They arrived on The Black Pearl but I didn't have a camera big enough...

...and Yuri may have woken up screaming.

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Anonymous said...

Dig it!
I am not hip to those sounds.
Word, yo.