Monday, March 29, 2010

0329 Transportation Donut

I ran into a little issue with The Boy 8 on Sunday. We had an ongoing conversation about a Sunday trip downtown. It was a perfect opportunity to put the trail-a-bike on the tandem and ride. But he didn't want to. The conversation evolved throughout the day. The flat out "no" evolved into a fear of going downhill to how he really didn't like going down the cobblestones on 6th Street last fall. Finally, 10 minutes before we had to be there he was ready to ride. We drove.

At least he came around.

My bike went 96 miles this week. My car went 27.

I very nearly ran into a pedestrian this week. I'm still a bit rusty and failed to observe the pair of roadside teenage girls. They darted into the street just as I was upon them. Much skidding and some clever dodging on her part I rode right between them and we avoided catastrophe.


Eco Bags Al said...

That's cool because not only do you get a workout, you reduce your carbon footprint while you're doing it. And you inspire and set an example for others, nice work.

Snakebite said...

Teenage girls are like goats. They dart this way and that way for no reason and without warning.