Monday, January 30, 2006

And Suddenly! Clarity

Isn’t it funny how every so often life tosses you into unexpected situations? Often that situation is the last place you expected to be, or more likely, the last place you wanted to be? But somehow, miraculously, as you’re working through the situation you have a rare moment of clarity, and you learn something that you didn’t know before, and wouldn’t have learned if you hadn’t been placed in the unfortunate situation to begin with?

Here is what I learned this morning:

Ripstop nylon is quite possibly a miracle fabric. Light enough to be comfortably worn on a bicycle (unlike leather), yet tough enough to protect the skin and clothing from damage as the left side of the body is being applied to pavement in a very rapid braking maneuver.

No, I wasn’t drunk. Perhaps asleep, but not drunk.

And remember kids, two hands on the steering wheel at all times; especially in the dark.

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