Tuesday, January 10, 2006

McASP and Related Business

The recent surge in the stock market has been helpful to McASP. Since McASP began the portfolio has been mostly below zero. Over the past week or so I’ve found it above zero for a change.

DSTI - DayStar Technologies (-27%)
ENER - Energy Conversion Devices 13%
ESLR - Evergreen Solar 50%
SPIR - Spire Corporation (-16%)

Evergreen Solar remains the best choice in the portfolio with a $131 gain.

Energy Conversion Devices is helping out too with $35 in gains. On December 27 this stock gained $7.36/share after sealing a deal with Samsung for their memory technology.

In other news…a couple more crackpot CEO’s have voiced the need to focus on renewable energy. One because he acknowledges the dwindling supplies of world oil and the other because he recognizes some sort of responsibility to reduce greenhouse emissions.

Bill Ford, CEO of Ford Motor Company, is the first. Interestingly the headline of the article, “Auto Industry Goes Green” is unfortunate, because Ford’s stated reasoning has nothing to do with the environment and everything to do with the problem of peak oil. If you haven’t heard of the Ford Reflex Concept Car you can read about it here.

The second CEO is Jim Rogers. He’s the head of Cinergy, a Cincinati power company that burns 30 million tons of coal a year. A MinusCar reader (thanks dad!) alerted me to a special episode of Public Television’s NOW Program that explored the science of climate change. You can read the transcript of the show here.

Jim Rogers says:

My greatest fear is that we stonewall this issue so long that we wake up one day and go, "Oh, my God, we've got to solve this in the next five years."
The longer we postpone acting on the issue, the more extreme the measures might have to be to deal with the issue in the future.

Sometime this year Cinergy and Duke Energy plan to merge into one of the largest energy companies in the nation. Duke Energy is an energy company that has announced support for taxes levied against consumers of green house gas emitting fuels. You can read about that from the publisher of JunkScience.com, at Fox News..

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