Friday, September 08, 2006

MinusCar: Sandwich Delivery Specialist

I arrived at my customary sandwich shop to pick up my lunch a couple days ago. The (I’ve always presumed) owner asked me what was up with the riding of the bike all the time.

While I was thinking “the car’s gotta go, man” I launched into a 20 minute explanation of how, a year ago I found myself in an existential crisis and I realized that I needed to make some fundamental changes in my life so I started with ditching the auto and blogging this thing called The MinusCar Project, and a couple people actually read it and at least one of them is really cool, and it’s led to all sorts of interesting experiences and other changes and…he…said…what’s blogging?

And then I remembered that it was the other way around, I was thinking that other stuff and actually said, “The car’s gotta go man.”

He responded that he’s really been thinking about hiring a bike rider to deliver his sandwiches. You know they do that in the bigger cities, and we go right over that way so much of the time and a bike is just as fast as a car for that.

I put on my best Keanu Reeves and said, “whoa.”

And I got my sandwich and went to my customary quiet place and ate and all I could think about was a hundred different ways that I could help this guy start delivering sandwiches by bike.

So, if my job moves to India tomorrow I know where I'm going Monday...and I'm calling up essay #1 and finding out what's up!

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