Friday, September 08, 2006

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A Different Take On the World

I am a person who enjoys commuting on a bike as much as riding it casually. I loved being able to ride to work in Sioux Falls. I loved people being amazed that a person can ride across town on a bike, in 40 degree weather. I was glad to say that there were many days that I didn't need to rely on a car for transportation.

Then I moved to rural America. This has hindered my choice not to drive a vehicle. It isn't because I have to drive to work. It is because I have to drive a work vehicle after I get there. There is really no way for me to get around this. I do still ride my bike to work everyday and I am proud to say everyday and mean everyday.

But, what I have come to realize with commuting on a bike is that world seems to slow down. You have the time to notice the people out tending to their yard. You see the new business coming to town. You see the new houses being built. I very much enjoy this time to appreciate the community that I live in.

I have noticed lately that I am driving a lot slower when I am in a town. I like to go through the residential areas, much like I would on a bike. I slow down to see the people and the buildings that make up each place. It allows me to relax, if even for a minute.

In closing, I would like to encourage everyone to slow down and take the residential streets. See the places off the beaten path and notice the beauty in the everyday world around us. Granted, bike when you can, but enjoy the times you have to drive. It can still be a moment to leave the rat race and see a detour.

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Anonymous said...

As a cyclist I've always been on the lookout for cyclists on the road, but since I started commuting I've also noticed that I tend to slow down on the days that I drive to work and enjoy the ride. I often take the time now to seek out new routes for bicycling on my way from one place to another in a car. It has changed how I look at the roads and how I look at travelling.