Friday, September 01, 2006


“Armstrong Has Another Injection Ahead of Next Tour Stage”

Oops, I typed that wrong, let me try again:

"Agassi Has Another Injection Ahead of Next Open Match"

There, that’s better.


The Dad hit me with an e-mail today. First he mentioned putting his bike on a bus today for the first time. It was raining at the end of work.

Then he relayed something he saw during a lunchtime walk this week. A motorist drove up and stopped in a crosswalk while some pedestrians were crossing. The women walked around the front. The man stepped right up to the door of the driver, planted his feet, and waited for the car to make its turn.

Pedestrians Rock.


If you're facing a three day weekend…have a happy holiday!


"Blind faith in bad leaders is not patriotism."

Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson participated in a protest to welcome President Bush to the same event Donald Rumsfeld dropped his bomb on. You can view the video here or read the text here.

(Thanks BigH.)

This is the same mayor that beginning in 2002 led his city in trying to meet the Koyota Treaty goals. It's true, I read it in the August 2005 issue of Outside Magazine.


The text of Keith Olbermann's comments can be found here.


(This post has been slightly edited for Ariah (see comments) because I am an appeaser.)


Anonymous said...

I'm thinking your dad's email is really cool, but I'm a little confused. Maybe a longer explanation or diagram complete with stick figures would help me get the picture.

Anonymous said...

That is so awesome about Salt Lake...I had not heard that, thanks. I'm tellin' you, that is how change is going to happen. The state of things is so frustrating that many people are thinking militance and drastic action and so forth...but it's something that has to happen through positive reinforcement.

I also read where a group of protestors in Washington DC made it really hard--in fact, impossible--for an Israeli ex-general to deliver a self-congratulatory address on the state of things over there. I think that's awesome.

We don't have to drastically alter the course of our lives. Being responsible, being involved, and reaching out wherever possible---that's how it's done. I would love it if everyone could take to the streets tomorrow and force Congress to pass a bunch of much-needed legislation. But it won't happen that way. It's one person at a time, like the mayor of Salt Lake. Good stuff.