Thursday, May 03, 2007

The Rain Was Supposed To Arrive Tomorrow

I cut out of work early today to run some errands. The skies were promising rain and 45 minutes into my two hour outing the promise was fulfilled. I met the FAB President at the bank to arrange for her to sign the check book. Woo hoo, FAB can spend money now! Then I cruised downtown to drop a check for The Planner for the Bike to Work Day sound permit. Yes, we will be rocking the downtown morning and evening on May 18. From there I rode the long way home. I got wet, but I also got 23 miles. I noticed The Dad rode to work today too. I hope he was ok with the rain.

The Planner says a section of the local bike trail will be closed starting Monday through September. He just found out about it today. The section is quite well used; it will affect a lot of people. There is no suitable immediate detour, although he did hint at some underground (think drainage ways) detours that could be in place in a few weeks. The press release for the closure is...follow that link. I wonder if people will decide to just hang up their bikes for the summer. I think it’s a prime occasion to reintroduce people to the art of city roads.

Somewhere along the way, as close to the middle of nowhere as anywhere, I came upon a child walking her Roadmaster. She said her chain keeps falling off. What I found was catastrophic failure of the bottom bracket. I’m sure it will appear in a local shop shortly, “can you fix this?” Disposable bikes – put ‘em in the landfill - there ought’r be a law cause there’s no fixing that. The girl had a long way to walk too.

I noticed the Life Bikin’ blog is calling on me to show some pictures of "it". I have this.


Woodog said...

Riding in the rain is mighty fine, as long as it's somewhat warm.

'It' ... well, that's major sweetness!


bikingbrady said...

Will the Minus Car Moniker be on a new line of bikes? Will it be carbon or steel? Roadie, mountain, or comfort? The possibilities abound! Do you need a marketing manager?

I'll be entering the realm of the FABsters today as I'm riding up (if the rain holds off) to work at Howard Wood Track Meet. Don't shoot the guy on the Giant TCR0 as he enters the DMZ of FAB!

Abby said...

Hey, Minus Car Guy! You passed me yesterday on the bike trail at Cherry Rock Park! I've read your blog a few times, so it was like spotting a local celebrity. It almost rivals the time I saw Phil Schreck at Sunshine Foods.

Anyway, man: great blog, great project.

mytzpyk said...

Abby. Thank you! It's nice to be noticed out in the wild.

thE_kErnEl said...

thE kErnEl saw the new frame today - nice, very nice.

mytzpyk said...

bb - the frame is steel. the style is single speed commuter.

would you like to manage my marketing?

the rain didn't hold off.

bikingbrady said...

Oh yeah...and I did get rained on a bit south of Lennox. But I made it all the way to Howard Wood Field - 66.34 miles. How's THAT for commuting?

bikingbrady said...

I'm all over being the MC Marketing Director! I had a marketing emphasis in college. Maybe I should actually put it to use! For such a noble cause as this I'm all over it!